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Ilfa is your treasuryspecialist. We give advice, and help to translate this advice into practice. Weoffer insight, overview, a wide range of support services and access to thefinancial markets. This way, we ensure that your organisation can functionoptimally financially.

We work together with, but always independently of, all Dutch banks,intermediaries and various partners. Transparency, flexibility andprofessionalism are paramount. What makes us unique is that we have thenecessary knowledge, licence and software development in-house. Everyorganisation is different, which is why we look for appropriate services thatmeet your needs and enable you to realise your ambitions.

We focus on three areas:


We adviseyou on drawing up a suitable funding strategy, develop it and bring you intocontact with the right investors.

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Treasury as a Service

We stand beside our customers and ensure that the strategy can be rolled out in practice. This can be done by means of ad hoc support or by leaving your entire treasury to us.

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Treasury systems

Our systems support and give you the desired insights so that you are able to (partly) take care of your treasury management activities yourself.

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About Ilfa

We are an honest, professional partner that helps you to translate advice into practice.In addition to high-quality advice, we offer a wide range of services aimed at supporting and unburdening organisations in performing treasury tasks at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. We make it possible for all typesof organisations, large and small, to have a full treasury function and offer continuous support if required. We have been licensed as an investment firm since 2013. Our business operations, the integrity and professionalism of our directors and the financial situation of our company therefore meet the requirements set by MiFID II and the Financial Supervision Act.

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In order to issue bonds, investment firms need to be licenced by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).This licence protects non-professional investors by strictly controlling the way in which the bonds are issued. The actions of advisors, intermediaries and the crowdfunding platform, as well as the financial strength and solvency of the company, are also closely monitored. In some cases, a company may work on the basis of an exemption. Read more about the permit exemption here.

Our experts


Irma founded Ilfa in 1995. Her expertise lies in solving complex financial issues,often involving the use and accumulation of different forms of financing. Irma is great at making connections and creating a positive atmosphere.

van Baar

Gerard's strength lies in asking questions, working together and making complex situations simple. He considers financial issues as a challenge and as soon as they are made clear, Gerard works purposefully without losing sight of the client.


Renee’s quality lies in making complex processes understandable by reducing the essence to simple examples. Responding quickly and adjustment to the current situation makes it possible to achieve a predefined goal.


Arnoud is a treasury specialist who combines years of experience as a treasury advisor with entrepreneurship in the financial market. He is able to provide high-quality solutions that fit the wishes of the customer and the needs of the organisation.


As a software developer, Filip has been responsible for the development of the Ilfa software for over 17 years. He ensures that customers get clear insight into banking fees and where they can be reduced.

de Croock

For over 13 years Carlo has been responsible for Ilfa's IT, innovation, and software development. Making cashflows transparent is a continuous process, and therefore Ilfa's tools are continuously being developed and renewed.

de Backer

Jeroen supports clients with day-to-day cash management and reporting. He is the designated contact when it comes to substantive questions about figures and the day-to-day operations of the company. He is also responsible for the treasury desk.

Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre is an expert in analysing problems and listening to the client. He believes you can help if you understand the world and customer challenges. Solutions are created together with the customer, not just by listening, but also by helping come up with ideas and challenging them.

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