Tailored advice and support

Ilfa has a team of treasury specialists. Their knowledge and experience ensures you will get bank-independent advice about the management of your cashflows. You will also get clear insight into the workings and conditions of any financial instrument. The team can also take over the execution of your treasury tasks (partly or completely). You decide whether you need our advice, support, insight or execution of daily transactions on a daily or ad hoc basis.

Our activities are tailored to your organisation. Whether you need a treasurer to close big deals for you, a treasurer to take part in the treasury committee, or the outsourcing of your cash management, our experienced team can support you on the strengths of our licence.


Speed and flexibility are paramount to us. Do you have treasury-related questions or challenges? Ad hoc or continuous? We will help you as soon as possible, so that you can focus on your business.


We look at your organisation independently of other parties, like banks. Based on our many years of experience, we start working on getting the most out of your organisation.


We are happy to work together and feel committed to managing your risks. We are at your disposal 24/7 and, if desired, we can carry out your transactions for you in accordance with very strict guidelines.

The Ilfa method

To offer security and certainty we work via set procedures: the Ilfa method. Based on this method your treasury will be designed, tested, and even audited. Every treasury transaction will go through the procedure and together we decide where you need support and what will be the accompanying working agreements.

Ilfa has been using her method for years to make and record arrangements with clients in manuals, which form the basis for the collaboration between Ilfa and her clients. Naturally, this is not a definitive process, the level of advice and support will fluctuate to comply with your needs. We are here for you, when you need us.

Een volledige treasury service

Een eigen volledige treasury afdeling is voor weinig organisaties realiseerbaar, wat ertoe leidt dat treasury taken versnipperd in de financiële keten terecht komen als extra taak. Ondanks ieders inzet blijft het resultaat zelfs in het meest gunstige scenario suboptimaal. Ilfa zorgt dat een eigen professionele treasury afdeling binnen handbereik is voor zowel profit als non-profit organisaties, ongeacht de grootte van de organisatie en de ervaring.

Om alles op maat in te richten, stellen wij onze systemen, actuele marktinformatie en vakkundige ondersteuning ter beschikking. Onze specialisten zorgen met hun kennis en ervaring dat u (bank-)onafhankelijk advies krijgt over het beheren van uw geldstromen en helder inzicht krijgt in de werking en voorwaarden van een financieel instrument.  Samen kijken we wat de best passende ondersteuning is voor uw organisatie, van losse transacties tot dagelijks cash management via onze Treasury Desk en deelname in de treasury commissie. Veilig, met vergunning, onder AFM-toezicht.