Funding as a part of your strategy

In recent years, the search for capital has become more complicated. Ilfa supports organisations in finding the right funding strategy by combining in-depth knowledge and experience in all forms of funding with a network of partnerships, banks and alternative funders. This allows us to work specifically on a funding structure that supports the development of organisations and helps you realise your ambitions. Ilfa's approach not only helps to obtain the required capital, but also provides support in financial management.


To gain insight into the possibilities, we test the fundability of your organisation and jointly arrive at a suitable structure. In doing so, we do not limit ourselves to calling the bank, but look for a suitable solution, whether it consists of loans, bonds, shares or a combination of these.


Thanks to our many years of experience in the financial world, we have built up a large network consisting of financial institutions, alternative funders, professional investors and other specialists. We offer you access to this network and support you with the contact.


When it comes to larger funding needs, it is good to bind various sources of capital to your organisation and use various forms of funding to meet the total funding requirement. We enable you to apply a suitable legal structure to this.

Finding the right funding

Finding the right funding does not come about automatically. We go through a number of steps, based on the principles that the investment decision comes before the funding decision, and that financing is a means and not an end. This roadmap shows how our approach carefully prepares your search for optimal funding and thoroughly maps out alternatives.

Track record

Ilfa has been a specialist in social funding for over 25 years. We mediate and support in, amongst others, the sectors education, healthcare, affordable living, and sustainable development.

A few recent deals

Bank loan
€ 70,000,000.-
Rabobank and NWB

Bank loan + current account
€ 115,000,000.-
Rabobank and ING

Bond loan(s)
€ 35,400,000.-
Dutch family offices, charities, and retail investors

Bond loan(s)
€ 6,787,900.-
Employees, local residents, and charities

Bank and bond loan(s)
€ 6,270,000.-
Triodos Bank and charities

Bank loan
€ 57,000,000.-
Triodos Bank, ABN AMRO, and BNG

Bank loan + current account
€ 7,000,000,-
ABN Amro Bank

Bank loan
€ 18,000,000.-
BNG, Rabobank, and Triodos

Private placement
€ 15,000,000.-
European institutional investor

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Alternative funding options


Bonds are an ancient instrument. Basically, a bond is a severable debt instrument of a loan taken out by an organisation. Investors who buy a bond lend money to the organisation and receive interest in exchange. The bond is repaid after its term. All bonds in a loan have the same value and rights and there is no relationship of ownership.


A share is a security that indicates that you are the owner of an organisation for the percentage of shares that you own. Shares come with voting rights at the shareholders' meeting of the organisation and, if the organisation distributes them, shares entitle you to dividends and price gains.


There are many different types of loans, but what is always the case is that a party receives a sum of money that has to be repaid in the long run. Usually, a compensation is expected for making the money available, the interest.

Convertible bond

A convertible bond is a bond that can be exchanged for other securities, often shares, under certain conditions.

Our partners

AndersFinancieren helps organisations that want to make an impact in obtaining funding via alternative funding methods. AndersFinancieren also gives investors the opportunity to invest in meaningful social initiatives.  

AndersFinancieren provides a funding platform where retail and professional investors can invest in a meaningful way. The platform focuses on large sums of money for social projects with a limited risk profile. AndersFinancieren is the alternative to financing and meaningful investment in social initiatives.

More about AndersFinancieren

Symbid gives organisations access to thousands of retail investors, professional investors, and business angels. Through Symbid, you can find investors who believe in your organisation and want to be part of it. Their support makes them possible ambassadors for your organisation.

Symbid offers professional guidance, an extensive network of investors, and complete legal handling. Depending on the company and the stage it is at, it is decided which investors are the most appropriate. This makes Symbid your chosen expert in online equity funding.

More about Symbid

A few examples


Steenvlinder is the specialist in the Netherlands in the field of self-construction and fixer-uppers. Via both our partners AndersFinancieren and Symbid, Steenvlinder has raised funding for its projects through a convertible loan and the issue of bonds.

Rural Spark

Rural Spark provides access to solar energy in rural areas in Africa via solar panels and energy routers. Through our partner Symbid, Rural Spark has raised funding for the expansion of the service platform for partners in Africa.

Sustainer Homes

Sustainer Homes builds homes and workspaces in a sustainable, flexible and accessible way. Via our partner Symbid, Sustainer Homes has raised funding for further upscaling of the organisation through the issue of shares.


Bernhoven believes that hospitals belong to everyone, from employees to local residents and from doctors to other stakeholders. Through our partner AndersFinancieren, Bernhoven has reinforced their vision by issuing several (convertible) bonds.