Ilfa makes treasury accessible

Optimal insight, management of your financing, and protection against financial risks, even in uncertain times.

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We create insight and time

The goal of treasury is not te beat the financial markets, but instead to systematically guard your organisation's cash flow and the development of financials risks. In this way you can notice signals on time and act accordingly. Our services and software give you fast and clear insight in your liquidity, interest-, and fx-risks.

This is how we help organisations:

We stand with you

Ilfa makes an own professional treasury function accessible to every organisation, regardless of size or experience with treasury. Together we will create fast and clear insight, we will make clear which funding is best suitible for you and we can help minimise bank costs.

We look at:

Some of our clients and collaborating partners

There is a reason organisations choose Ilfa

Setting up an appropriate strategy

Providing advice is just a step. We take a close look at your organisation and, together with you, develop an implementable treasury strategy. We will discuss how you can best deal with cash management, interest, financing and currencies.

Implementing the strategy

We stand beside you and we ensure that the strategy that has been put in place is rolled out in practice. If desired, we can take care of all or part of the associated activities. This means you can focus on the operational and commercial activities of your organisation.

Unique treasury system

We have software developed in-house that supports you in the execution of your treasury strategy. Through our software, we provide you with all the insights you need and make it possible for you to optimise your financial performance.

Network, experience and licencing

We have years of experience and an extensive network that helps with finding the right partners for your organisation. We also have an investment firm licence and are therefore subject to continuous supervision by the AFM and DNB.