Not every organisation has the time, space or desire to perform all treasury tasks itself. In that case outsourcing can offer a solution. The Treasury Desk can take over tasks and perform them for you in an efficient and expert manner. You decide to which extent tasks need to be outsourced. This may involve outsourcing the entire treasury or handing over only certain components. When outsourcing tasks, you do not need to worry about looking for replacements in case of illness or holiday of your employees, or training of staff.

Our team of specialists is flexible and independent, but always stays in touch. Agreements are respected and can be adjusted in consultation. In addition, the Treasury Desk is ready to answer questions and provide assistance, when required.

Analysis and advice

From treasury design to second opinion.

Treasury outsourcing

Outsource tasks to specialists.

Transaction support

Benefit from market knowledge and experience.

Financial risk scan

Discover risks in your organisation.

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Ilfa methodology

On the basis of Ilfa’s methodology, a treasury can be designed, tested and even audited. Each new transaction goes through the process from position determination to reporting and archiving