Are you doubting whether a treasury management system will offer a better insight than your current cash flow forecast? Would you like to experience the support of the Treasury Desk without being tied down to a long-term contract? The Treasury Scrum offers a solution. For a fixed (limited) fee and a limited time investment, you will gain insight into your cash flows, your liquidity position will be determined and expected cash flows will be charted in three short scrums. The scrums give you a good idea of your organisation's future financial needs and give you more time to react to potential risks.

Subsequently, for three months you will have access to the Cash Management module of our treasury management system Treasury Metrics. There will also be regular coordination and consultation between your organisation and the Ilfa team. At the end of the Treasury Scrum, you can decide whether you would like to continue using our services.

Treasury Metrics‍

Full insight into your treasury.

Treasury Toolbox

Quick insight via tools.

Treasury Scrum

A short, in-depth view.

A special Treasury Scrum

Every year, in cooperation with HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, we conduct two free Treasury Scrums. Ilfa and HU have been working together for years to combine education with professional practice. Each year, a project is set up, in which students get to work at a treasury department of a company. Whereas this department had been fictitious at the beginning of the cooperation, nowadays the students involved will gain experience in actual companies.

Under the guidance of experienced staff and consultants of Ilfa, the third and fourth year students of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht have helped the following organisations: Bernhoven, a hospital in Uden; Madaster, the land registry for materials; Von Gahlen, designer and producer of lead shielding products for the healthcare sector; Pactum, youth and parenting aid workers; Aafje, a healthcare institution in Rotterdam, and Green Real Estate, a family business that focuses on the acquisition, development and management of real estate.