We want to contribute to a more transparent financial world. Therefore we give everyone free access to the Ilfa Treasury Toolbox. Part of the Treasury Toolbox is the FX Pricer and the Interest Pricer. These tools give you access to independent pricing and risk assessments of all kinds of financial contracts, derivatives and options and insight into the price structure of your loan or interest rate derivative.

As well as allowing you to administer loans, interest rate derivatives and FX transactions, the calculation tools in the Ilfa Toolbox also enable you to make calculations for:

  • Loans;

  • Swaps;

  • Swaptions;

  • Caps and floors;

  • FX spot and forward contracts;

  • FX options.

Please note that the Treasury Toolbox uses limited parameters for the calculation. The outcome will be an indication. For a complete picture, please contact the Treasury Desk.

Treasury Metrics‍

Full insight into your treasury.

Treasury Toolbox

Quick insight via tools.

Treasury Scrum

A short, in-depth view.

The Treasury Toolbox looks like this