Software to manage your treasury safely and efficiently

In order to manage your treasury activities and related daily tasks safely and efficiently, having insight into your current and future position is key. A clear and orderly system can help any organisation, large or small, commercial or non-profit, and operating nationally or internationally.

Saving costs

With our treasury software you can optimise your liquidity and working capital management, minimise debt, and lower interest-, bank-, and organisational costs. All without complex implementation.


Our treasury software makes better treasury management possible. This included integrated cash management, optimalisation of transactions on financial markets, streamlining processes and reports, and effective risk management.

Limiting risks

Goodtreasury management includes risk management of currencies, interest, credit,and funding. Also, our experienced Treasury Desk is ready to help wherever andwhenever you need.

Control and reporting

Our treasury software helps you to quickly and correctly transform large information flows into transparant and complete management reports. The essential reports are readily available in our system. Using the dashboard you can monitor the most important treasury information anywhere and anytime on every device.

We work with 3 different modules:

Cash management

Risk management

In-house banking

The modules

Cash management

Cash management is a flexible module for liquidity management and forecasting cashflows. The module contains various cash pooling solutions (including bank-independent cash pooling) and can be used to carry out reconciliation between expected and realised cash flows.

The cash management module helps you optimally manage your liquidity and optimise your working capital. In addition, the module also helps reduce debt and minimise interest, banking and organisation costs.

Risk management

The risk management module provides support in the management of currency, interest, credit, and financing risks. The risks are identified and quantified. Negative external effects on the financial situation of your organisation are kept to a minimum. By limiting the volatility of your income, your financing rating will also be better for potential investors.

Your organisation uses financial instruments such as current account limits, loans, (bank) guarantees, deposits, FX transactions, and derivatives. Without professional management, these instruments can (in the long run) cost a lot of money or cause damage to your organisation.

In-House Banking

In-house banking is module for setting up and managing internal accounts. All sorts of transactions between company-owned accounts can be set up. Different types of accounts are supported in order to comply with all legal and tax regulations.

Corporate Finance

The module corporate finance supports various financing facilities, external financing, intercompany financing, bank guarantees, corporate guarantees, letters of credit, covenant management, and bank relations management.