A full on treasury service

Many organisations are too small to have their own treasury department, which means that treasury tasks are seen as a side issue. Even in the most favourable scenario, the result remains sub-optimal here. Ilfa ensures that its own professional treasury department is within reach for both commercial and non-profit organisations, regardless of the size of the organisation and the experience.

In order to customise everything, we make our systems, up-to-date market information and expert support available. In addition, you will receive ad hoc or continuous support for managing your cash flows based on our many years of experience and fixed protocols. We look for the most appropriate support for your organisation, from individual transactions to daily cash management via our treasury desk and participation in the treasury committee. Safe, licenced, under AFM supervision.


Speed and flexibility are paramount to us. Do you have treasury-related questions or challenges? Ad hoc or continuous? We will help you as soon as possible, so that you can focus on your business.


We look at your organisation independently of other parties, such as the bank. Based on our many years of experience, we start working on getting the most out of your organisation.


We are happy to work together with you and feel committed to managing your risks. We are at your disposal 24/7 and, if desired, we can carry out your transactions for you in accordance with very strict guidelines.

The starting point is your treasury position

The starting point of our Treasury as a Service is to establish the position of your organisation. The available documentation is loaded into our systems, the system is set up and, if desired, we keep it up-to-date for you. Together we will come up with a suitable strategy and we are ready to help you if you have any questions or problems.

Each specific assignment requires special attention. That is why we have developed our own methodology to quickly and effectively design, test or even audit the structure of your treasury department. All actions are carried out under the same procedure.

The possibilities

Cash management

We can take(part of) your cash management off your hands, from balance regulation and internal loans to carrying out payments. We ensure that you have control over your money, that you are always aware of any risks or challenges and help you form an appropriate strategy.

Currency management

We ensure that you have insight into the currency activities arising from the jointly drawn up strategy. You will get insight into the relationship between different currencies and which currencies should be bought and sold. We ensure that the activities can be and are carried out on time.

Interest management

The cost of capital remains high for many organisations. We will map out your actual costs, investigate the possibilities of limiting rising interest costs, make transaction proposals and, if desired, take out new loans for you.

Use our treasury desk

Ilfa has a team of treasury specialists. With their knowledge and experience, they ensure that you receive bank-independent advice on how to manage your cash flows and a fair insight into the operation and conditions of a financial instrument.

The team can also take care of your treasury tasks (in whole or in part). You decide whether you want to use us on a daily basis for advice, insight and your daily transactions, or whether you only want this on an ad hoc basis.

Our activities are tailored to your organisation. Whether you need a treasurer to close a large transaction for you, a treasurer who participates in your treasury committee or a treasury desk to take over your cash management, our experienced team can support you based on our licence.  

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