Practical support from specialists

The Treasury Desk consists of a team of treasury specialists. Our team can take over the execution of your treasury tasks (completely or partly). You decide if you want to use our advice, insights, and the execution of daily transactions, or whether you want this on an ad hoc basis. Our agreements are not written in stone, but will instead fluctuate to follow your needs. Our support can grow or reduce, bases on your needs. Our activities are tailored to your organisation. Whether you need a treasurer to close a large transaction for you, a treasurer who participates in your treasury committee or a treasury desk to take over your cash management, our experienced team can support you based on our licence.


The Treasury Desk can take over every treasury task, but you decide to what extend you need our support, now and in the future. Together we will decide what kind of support suits your organistion best.


We want to work with you. Our team will stand next to you and can, when needed, take over tasks and duties. The Treasury Desk is at your disposal and can execute transactions via tight guidelines.


From cash management to the managing of currency risks, our specialist have the required knowledge and skills. They continue to hone their skills and keep their knowledge up to date with courses and training.

The possibilities

Cash management

We can take (part of) your cash management off your hands, from balance regulation and internal loans to carrying out payments. We ensure that you have control over your money, that you are always aware of any risks or challenges, and help you form an appropriate strategy.

Currency management

We ensure that you have insight into the currency activities arising from the jointly drawn up strategy. You will get insight into the relationship between different currencies and which currencies should be bought and sold. We ensure that the activities can be and are carried out on time.

Interest management

The cost of capital remains high for many organisations. We will map out your actual costs, investigate the possibilities of limiting rising interest costs, make transaction proposals and, if desired, take out new loans for you.

The work of the Treasury Desk

The Treasury Desk stands side by side with entrepreneurs and can take over treasury tasks. Every day the team is working on daily processes for clients and answering substantive questions about numbers and the daily processes. For our clients we make great price- and spread arrangements with banks and make the pricing of every (complex) financial product transparent.  

There is also daily contact with our consultants. Often the Treasury Desk and the consultants work for the same clients. The Treasury Desk makes preparations, which the consultant uses for the total, more complex task, or a member of the Treasury Desk works side by side with the consultant.

Jeroen de Backer, head of the Treasury Desk, explains in detail what the work of the Treasury Desk entails.

More about the Treasury Desk


De medewerkers van de Treasury Desk beheren samen veel geldstromen. Hieronder is een overzicht te vinden van de verschillende financiële transacties en het volume die per 1-1-2021 in beheer waren.

Bewaakte cashflows

Op jaarbasis gaan er geldstromen in totaal ter waarde van 7 miljard euro over de bankrekeningen die de Treasury Desk in beheer heeft. Het overgrote deel van deze geldstromen bestaat uit euro’s, namelijk ruim 97procent. Het overige deel bestaat uit Amerikaanse dollars, Zweedse kronen, Britse ponden, Singapore dollars en Japanse yen.

FX opties, FX swaps en FX spots

De Treasury Desk sluit FX opties, swaps en spots; de afgelopen 12 maanden in totaal 164 transacties ter waarde van circa 380 miljoen. FX swaps komen het vaakst voor, gevolgd door FX opties en FX spots. Het meest wordt gehandeld in dollars, gevolgd door Zweedse kronen.

Leningen en derivaten

De totaalwaarde in euro’s van leningen en derivaten dat de Treasury Desk beheert is ruim 3,2 miljard. De verdeling tussen leningen en derivaten is ongeveer gelijk.


Managed cash flows

On an annual basis the Treasury Desk manages cash flows totalling €7 billion. The majority concerns Euro’s, namely 97%. The remainder concerns US Dollars, Swedish Crowns, British Pounds, Singapore Dollars, and Japanese Yen.

FX options, FX swaps, and FX spots

The Treasury Desk executes FX options, swaps and spots; the past 12 months in total 164 transactions valuing around €380 million. FX swaps are mostly done, followed by FX options and FX spots. The majority concerns US Dollars, followed by Swedish Crowns.

Loans and derivatives

The total value of loans and derivatives managed by the Treasury Desk amounts to over €3.2 billion. The distribution between loans and derivatives is roughly the same.