In the new reality, one development is quickly followed by another. It can sometimes feel like you are being restricted to protecting what you've built up, instead of exploring opportunities. If you have little time to spare for reflection and analysis, brainstorming with a treasury specialist can help. Especially now that it is necessary to quickly process large amounts of information, determine impact, explore opportunities and make adjustments, an additional set of eyes could be the answer.

You provide a clear mandate to treasury, proper delineation of tasks and competences and reliable, up-to-date information. We complement this with access to specialist market expertise and knowledge and extensive hands-on experience. In addition to discussions, we also meet periodically for treasury consultations.

We are the discussion partner who:

  • Hones insights into your treasury, is alert, identifies and, if required, acts on your behalf

  • Has knowledge of the financial markets and is aware of which actions/transactions and/or market players are most appropriate

  • Has extensive contacts and actively uses its network

  • Provides continuous insight into the development of interest and FX rates

  • Provides calculation tools to enable you to quickly calculate rates yourself or test offered rates for market conformity

Transaction support

Benefit from market know-how and experience.

Treasury subscription

A discussion partner for your treasury.

Treasury outsourcing

Outsource tasks to specialists.

Treasury Toolbox

As well as allowing you to administer loans, interest rate derivatives and FX transactions, the calculation tools in the Ilfa Toolbox also enable you to make calculations for:

  • Loans

  • Swaps

  • Swaptions

  • Caps and floors

  • FX spot and forward contracts

  • FX options

For more options, check out the Treasury Toolbox. The calculation of market values or current prices is done on the basis of quotes that are updated once a day.