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As an entrepreneur you must act on time, especially in uncertain times. There are both internal and external obligations to consider. You want to keep things from getting out of hand and avoid that a challenge becomes a problem. You also want to prepare for the future. What will the future bring? What is your financial position in 4, 6, or 12 months? Do you know what the real impact of the crisis will be, both positively and negatively?

With the hybrid setup of Treasury365, Ilfa offers its tools and expertise in a (flexible) subscription form, so every organisation can have its own treasury. This will result in insight in your treasury, now and in the future, at all times, clear forecasts, and consequently, optimal comfort.

You can contact us to discuss a wide range of topics, such as the impact of Covid-19 on your business, Brexit, changing banking relations, and the turmoil on the financial markets. We will show you how we can face these challenges together.

The best solution to every challenge

Treasury365 combines the best of two worlds: men and technology. Combined, this will result in optimal grip on your financial position. With Treasury365 you will gain new insights and will less often be faced with adverse surprises. We cannot promise a future without challenges, but we can find the bestsolution for any challenge in a quick and adequate way. 

With Ilfa’s 1 + 2 + 3 = Treasury365 formula you will quickly get a flexible and appropriate treasury. An Ilfa treasurer will be appointed to your organisation, as well as a professional treasury management system, and if needed quick access to additional support through the Treasury Desk. The Treasury365 formula offers direct insight in your actual financial position, the expected cash flow development, and your direct obligations. Therefore, we can promise optimal grip on your cash through Treasury365.


Specialised knowledge


Clear reports

Reacting quickly on internal and external developments, maximum grip on cash, and appropriate, affordable financing: that is what’s important. Treasury365 will monitor the broad financial position of an organisation.

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Why is Treasury365 for you?

Treasury is difficult as is with managing cash, working capital, interest rate and currency risks, and banking relations. Due to Covid-19 and Brexit, amongst other developments, this complexity is increasing. The world is not malleable, entrepreneurs will face uncertain situations. Now more than ever, treasury is about getting access to funding and systematically managing cash flows. Treasury is at the core of an organisation’s risk management. Treasury is not scary or overly complicated, it is the way to get a grip on your money.  A well-managed treasury will give financiers as well as other stakeholders the comfort that the organisation is in control. 

Ilfa possesses all the right licences by the AFM (the Dutch authority for the financial markets). The solvability of our organisation, guaranteeing our continuity, is under the continuous supervision of the Dutch Central Bank.  

Suitable offer
For every organisation we have the right solution. This depends on the needs of the organisation. It can either be lean and mean, tailor-made to the organisation, and everything in between. Please contact us for a custom quote, without obligations.

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