There is always room for talented people at Ilfa. From young talent wanting to start their journey in the financial world to seasoned professionals who have seen and done it all, we are always looking for people who wish to use their talents and expertise for their own development as well as the benefit of Ilfa. Interns are also welcome!

We currently have no open vacancies. However, open applications are always welcome. Please send your motivation and cv to and we will contact you.


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Curious about the experiences of (former) interns? Please read below what Joran, Alexandra and Sharushan thought of their internship and why they continued working at Ilfa after their internship.


"During my gap year I did an internship at Ilfa. From day one, I was involved in the daily activities and I got acquainted with the versatility of the treasury field. I was given the opportunity to work on projects of the Treasury Desk. My internship was fun and very educational because of the great variety of activities and the freedom to think and work. When I started my master's degree, I continued working at Ilfa. The attention and time my studies required were well respected at Ilfa. After graduating I started working full time at the Treasury Desk.”

de Oliveira Mendes

"Doing a graduation internship at Ilfa was a great challenge. I was really a part of the Treasury Desk team. It was not an internship where you only do less meaningful tasks. I was involved in the daily business, participated in projects and learned many other things that interested me. Of course, there was also room for my thesis and I received support whenever I needed it. There is a lot of knowledge within Ilfa from which you can learn much as an intern. I continued working at Ilfa after my internship, because I was given the opportunity to grow. Furthermore, the variety in the job attracted me. You keep on learning new things."


"I am doing my internship at the Treasury Desk. It is instructive, fun, and the perfect place to gain experience in the field of treasury. I am involved in a variety of tasks and have worked on various projects, such as the Treasury Scrums. As a result, I have gained a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. I am a trainee, but I can participate as a full member of the Treasury Desk. I have fixed daily tasks and together with a colleague I am in charge of a client project. That I do not possess all knowledge is certainly taken into account and I am given guidance and help where needed. The team is always helpful and really supportive. This is typical for Ilfa; they value openness and commitment of employees. I enjoy going to work and I am really motivated thanks to the variety offered. This constantly challenges me and allows me to gain a lot of knowledge. The responsibilities given to me allow me to develop myself. In addition, there is a good atmosphere within the team. We communicate a lot with each other. I was involved from the start, which has made me feel quickly at home."