Financing is now about more than just money. The introduction of new laws and regulations regarding sustainable business operations and reporting is permanently reshaping the financial landscape. This applies to your company as well.

Directly or indirectly, it will become necessary for all businesses to make their efforts for the environment, society, and corporate governance (ESG) transparent, not just the largest ones. Especially if you need financing in the coming years. Get acquainted with our new, unique roadmap: the path to sustainable financing.

The steps derived from Ilfa's successful approach remain the same. Once again, based on classical finance theory, we describe in the roadmap the phases to carefully consider when tapping into and selecting appropriate forms and sources of financing. However, identifying your company's ESG profile and risks now plays a prominent role in the process. That's where the focus lies.

The complex and extensive CSRD regulations, which have been applicable to large enterprises since the beginning of this year, consist of over 1200 provisions and rules. We have brought this back to the core. With valuable background information and various tools—including a questionnaire, new KPIs, and an ESG score matrix—we help you make your ESG activities clear and communicable, in line with the new standards in the financial world.

In this way we make it concrete and manageable for you, enabling you to successfully secure appropriate financing.

Download the Roadmap here

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